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Over the counter TENS and EMS device.
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EZ Trode® Self-Adhesive Electrodes

EZ Trode self-adhesive electrodes provide the superior conductivity of silver. They have soft rubber connectors and come in foil-lined resealable bags that preserve freshness while being easy to open and close. EZ Trodes come in four convenient sizes.

Economical V Trode™
Self-Adhesive Electrodes

V Trode self-adhesive carbon film neurostimulation electrodes feature soft rubber lead wire attachments that make it easy to attach them to the electrode lead wires. A long lasting gel provides strong adhesion to the skin. V Trodes come in four convenient sizes.

Stimulation Electrodes

  • Self Adhesive for T.E.N.S. and muscle stimulation
  • Superior quality
  • Reusable
  • Long lasting