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FREE sample pack includes a FIVE-DAY SUPPLY of Polar Frost pain relieving cold gel.
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Polar Frost provides advanced pain relief for;

Arthritis | Back aches and pain | Bunion pain | Foot pain | Heel pain | Joint pain | Knee pain | Muscle pain | Neck pain | Shoulder pain

What People are Saying

"I have been a doctor of Chiropractic for 50 years and have seen topical analgesics come and go. About two years ago I was introduced to POLAR FROST by Mettler Electronics Corp. and immediately saw results for reducing pain and inflammation. In addition, my patients raved about the benefits they derived from its use. I end every treatment with an application of POLAR FROST to the treated area and have all my patients utilize the product at home. I have trouble keeping a supply on hand. It is a great product that really works!!!"

St. Petersburg, Florida


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