Hot/Cold Packs

ThermalSoft Gel Hot and Cold Packs

ThermalSoft Gel packs are double-duty packs. Heat them in the microwave for heat therapy. For cold therapy put them in the freezer. ThermalSoft Gel Packs stay soft, even at freezer temperatures and retain their hot or cold therapeutic benefits for extended periods of time.

ThermalSoft Durapak Hot and Cold Packs

ThermalSoft Durapak hot and cold packs maintain an even temperature over the entire pad. Their soft gel contents are leak-proof and contain no liquids or dyes. ThermalSoft Durapak hot and cold packs are biodegradable, non-caustic. And, because ThermalSoft Durapaks are reusable, they save you money, too.

Professional Hot or Cold Therapy Sets

ThermalSoft® Professional Hot and Cold Packs are shipped to you dry. You add the water to save on expensive shipping costs. These packs can be microwaved for heat or cooled in a refrigerator for cold therapy. ThermalSoft has a soft fabric side for heat and a vinyl side for cold. Professional packs are packaged separately or as a set with a custom cover that provides moist or dry heat.


  • Acute strains and sprains
  • Chronic neck, shoulder and low back aches and pains
  • Inflammations causing pain
  • Golfer’s wrist and elbow
  • Tendonitis
  • Tennis elbow
  • Recovery and relaxation of strained and stressed muscles

Size Guide

Half Size - All Purpose

Standard - Lower/Upper Back

Cervical - Shoulder/Neck

XLarge - Entire Back, Upper/Lower Back, Sciatica