Polar Frost was developed in Finnish Lapland by sports’ medicine
professionals and pharmacists. Polar Frost is manufactured under a strictly standardized production process using only the highest quality materials. Polar Frost is non-greasy and will not stain the skin. It contains cooling menthol for pain relief and Aloe Vera for its anti-inflammatory effect and for keeping skin smooth and moist during each application.

The 2008 Finnish Olympic team has again chosen Polar Frost as their product of choice for pain relief for the Beijing Olympics. Polar Frost has been the official supplier of the Finnish Olympic Team in 1996 Atlanta, 2000 Sydney, 2004 Athens and 2006 Torino.

News Release

Polar Frost USA is pleased to announce Polar Frost® Cold Spray for the temporary relief of pain and swelling from sprains, contusions and minor injuries. The skin and underlying tissues are instantly chilled to quickly reduce pain when Polar Frost Spray is applied to an injury or muscle spasm. This is followed by the longer-lasting cooling relief from menthol. This aerosol spray comes in a 7.4 oz. can.

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What People are Saying

"Thank you so much for sending me the Polar Frost along with the free samples. It is the best pain relieving gel I've ever used!"

A Valued Customer
Sterling Heights, Michigan